NBA Rumors: Western Conference contender in trade talks for Bradley Beal

The Kings are reportedly putting their names in the Bradley Beal sweepstakes. Is this a good move or bad move for both organizations? Will the Wizards be able to get anything worthwhile out of Beal considering his no-trade clause?

According to Shams Charania, the Kings could be a suitor for Bradley Beal.

Things seem to be ending in Washington as a new era starts to finally kick off with trading Beal to the team of his choice. Beal has decided that he would allow a trade to Sacramento if things were to end with Washington, per Charania.

Salary-wise it would be really hard to pull off a trade for Beal. The Kings do not have any good matching salaries in order to make a deal work. Still, they could offer Richaun Holmes, Malik Monk, and Kevin Huerter to make the money work.

Although the Wizards do not have a lot of leverage, they could probably find a way to move Huerter to another team in return for assets.

Does a Bradley Beal trade make sense for the Sacramento Kings and Washington Wizards?

The Wizards most likely do not want the long-term contract that Huerter has, even though he is a solid player on a solid deal. They could shop him now or at the deadline.

Washington will not get much in return for Beal due to the fact that he has a no-trade clause. The Kings could offer future picks after 2026 due to some protections on the pick they traded for Huerter.

It would be unlikely for the Kings to offer any of their young players due to the fact that the Wizards do not have any leverage. Sacramento would be sacrificing depth for a chance at a third star. This would make sense due to the fact that the Kings are looking to win now.

However, the three-star model hasn’t really worked in a long time. The Kings have a young core and giving cap space for overpaid contracts might not make a lot of sense. They have a really fun roster and getting rid of that to pay an aging star who is not a top-10 player in this league might not make sense.

Still, it was good to check the temperature of the situation.

Sacramento is a team on the rise with a short-ish window and they need to know how players feel about them around the league. If this ends up being any more serious, then the Kings may have jeopardized the first good roster that they have had in years.


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