Watch Yankees give up a 253-foot ‘home run’ with embarrassing pair of errors (VIDEO)

The New York Yankees surrendered two runs to the San Diego Padres in the second inning on Sunday via a “little league home run”.

The New York Yankees might lose to the San Diego Padres on Sunday, and if they do, the second inning pretty much proves they deserve to.

Moments after Aaron Judge snagged a home run that nearly went over the short porch in right field, the Yankees completely forgot how to play baseball.

Jose Azocar took a slider from Gerrit Cole and s,ent it into center field. It was a 253-foot ball with an exit velocity of 85.4 miles per hour, but it wound up with as many runs batter in if Azocar hit it 450 feet with a 115 MPH exit velo.

Jose Azocar gets a Little League Home Run against Yankees who forgot how baseball works

Welp, here we go:

The ball lands in front of Harrison Bader, who plays it well off the hop. Then, he air mails it to catcher Kyle Higashioka. It goes off the backstop, but takes an unlucky dead bounce, failing to richochet back into the field of play, forcing Higashioka to run toward the ball.

At that point, Azocar is already rounding second, considering third. Higashioka does his best Bader impression and air-mails a ball himself over into left field, nowhere near third base. Azocar swiftly takes home, earning the Padres their second run on the batted ball.

Here’s how it’s scored:

  • Single for Azocar
  • Error by Bader
  • Error by Higashioka
  • RBI for Azocar

The only good news for New York is there’s plenty of time to clean this one up.

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