3 big reasons the Heat buried the Celtics in Game 2

The Heat came away with Game 2 against the Celtics as Jimmy Butler led the way and Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown both played poorly in the fourth quarter.

The Miami Heat were able to beat the Celtics, 111-105, in a Game 2 where Boston struggled to score in the fourth quarter.

The Celtics were very hot in the third quarter of this game but they were unable to finish the job. Once again, the Celtics were able to win more quarters than the Heat.

Still in the NBA, the final score is the only thing that matters.

3 reasons the Heat beat the Celtics in Game 2

Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler has been amazing in these playoffs and this game was no exception. Butler ended up with 27 points on 48 percent shooting from the floor. He had eight rebounds and six assists.

Butler has carried the Heat as a true No. 1 option for Miami. Now, the Heat are two wins away from the NBA Finals.

Overall, he was able to lead the charge as the Heat were down eight heading into the fourth quarter. Then Grant Williams started talking trash to him.

The superstar might be having the best individual postseason so far this year.

Caleb Martin

If Butler had the best offensive performance for the Heat in this game, then Caleb Martin had the second-best offensive performance in this game.

Martin ended up with 25 points on 68 percent shooting from the floor. The role player had the best game of his career. He was very good at getting to the basket.

The Heat needed offense and Martin was able to supply it. Martin found his moments by sitting in the corner and waiting for the Celtics to rotate his man on to other Heat players on offense.

Amazing defense on Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown in the fourth

It is possible that you could put Bam Adebayo here. Duncan Robinson was one more three from an off-ball pick and roll from being here instead as well.

Still, the fact that Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown just didn’t show up in the fourth quarter is a main reason that the Heat were able to win this game.

Brown end up with three points in the fourth quarter. Tatum only had five points which were all on free throw attempts. Considering the fact that Tatum is a superstar and gets superstar calls, the All-NBA player really didn’t even do a lot to earn those free throws.

Brown struggled throughout and forced the Celtics to rely on Tatum for their offensive production. When Tatum wasn’t able to produce in the fourth quarter, the Celtics were cooked.

This series is not over. The Heat got a little lucky from three in Game 1 but there isn’t a lot that could differ when the Celtics head to Miami.

Boston will at least get one game in Miami, they have too much talent to get swept. Still, it would be hard to believe that this Heat team will not win at least one game in Miami as the Heat are unstoppable at home and the Celtics have lost themselves for entire quarters in the series so far.

The clock is striking midnight in Boston. Can they win two straight to reset the clock or will they go home before returning back to the Finals?

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