One of MLB’s worst pitchers admits he would have thrown at Judge over side-eye incident

Lance Lynn, a poorly performing pitcher in 2023, admitted he would have thrown at Aaron Judge over his side-eye incident this week.

Earlier this week, the Toronto Blue Jays broadcast noticed that Aaron Judge was looking toward the New York Yankees dugout right before a pitch came that Judge knocked out of the park. The insinuation was that Judge was cheating, perhaps getting information relayed that was obtained illicitly, much like the Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal of years past.

Judge explained that he was seeing who was talking from the Yankees dugout. Aaron Boone had gotten thrown out arguing over pitch calling against Judge, and he felt that the chirping from the dugout was unecessary given the large lead New York had.

Some have accepted that explanation, others haven’t. One of those who is still vehemently against Judge’s side-eyeing is Lance Lynn.

Lance Lynn decides to insert himself in Aaron Judge debate he has no business in

I take no joy in calling someone the worst at anything. That said, Lance Lynn is statistically one of the worst starting pitchers in MLB this season. He has a 6.66 ERA and has given up the most hits of any pitcher. His 4-seam fastball has a run value of +9, which is the second-worst in the entire MLB of any pitcher that has thrown it on 10 or more plate appearances.

So it shouldn’t be a big surprise that Lynn wouldn’t use his actual pitching to get around such a scenario. Nope, instead, Lynn admitted he’d try to plunk Judge with an intentional hit to get out of the situation.

Here’s what Lynn said on the issue:

“That’s the only way to stop it I think, right?” Lynn said in response to whether or not a guy should ‘catch it in the ribs’ after catching a guy peeking over to the dugout. “No, coaches and dugouts, and things like that are out of it. If a guy’s on base and he sees it, your grip from second, that’s on you. I see that one. But when players that are not on the field or coaches that are not playing the game are involved, that’s where I call… I think it’s too much.”

What Lynn fails to realize is plunking a guy is actually not the only way to stop it, believe it or not!

He could prepare better by taking precautions to not tip pitches, He could throw his best stuff.

That should be more than enough to get the opposing batter out. And if it’s not? Shake hands and move on to the next batter. You’re simply not good enough against the batter. And that’s fine.

Ultimately, this was the softest response possible from a pitcher at the highest level of the game.

For what it’s worth, the Yankees and White Sox face off in early June in Yankee Stadium. If one of Lynn’s starts lines up…. Good luck.

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