Shaq flamed for mocking Anthony Davis injury in Lakers loss

Anthony Davis suffered a head injury in the Lakers’ loss to the Warriors, and Shaq laughed about the incident. Fans had a response.

When it comes to former L.A. Lakers star Shaquille O’Neal, not only is he a dominant force, but also a very sensitive individual; just ask Charles Barkley.

However, the former Laker star is now under fire for laughing at a scary situation involving current Laker Anthony Davis being taken off the court in a wheelchair after suffering a head injury. While Barkley also had a laugh at the moment, it’s O’Neal who is under the most fire on social media.

The fans didn’t hold back. Shaq has been a bully multiple times and has gotten away with it. While Barkley is also in the wrong for laughing, the majority of the anger has to be directed at O’Neal because he was a former Laker, and it’s unbelievable that this would happen.

Shaq was blasted for disrespectful behavior toward Anthony Davis after a scary head injury

If memory serves, Shaq loves to laugh at people, and anytime he gets questioned, he will bring up the rings argument, especially against Barkley. It’s the definition of “dish it but can’t take it.” Even if Anthony Davis’ injury was minor, the fact that news came out that it looked like a concussion is not something to joke about.

It appears that it doesn’t matter to Shaq; he just wanted to laugh and have fun with it. No question that if anyone was laughing at him, he’d be the first to run up and get at them. See the “Shrek” incident and many more from Inside the NBA.

Shaq is likely going to move on from this and act like nothing happened. He may be a big player, but he’s also, in all seriousness, a big bully for doing this. Whether the incident with Davis was dramatized or not, doesn’t matter. The guy is injured, and it doesn’t warrant laughter.

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