Ohio State message boards are thrilled Bronny James isn’t coming to Columbus

Ohio State’s message boards revealed just how much some people hate LeBron James — his son, Bronny James, is unfortunately caught in the crossfire.

One would think that after all NBA legend LeBron James has achieved, his home state of Ohio would be on its knees thanking him. The town of Akron may feel that way, but drive two hours to Columbus, and there’s bound to be a small but vicious Lebron-hating mob stalking the streets.

It’s baffling, but true.

So when James’ son, Bronny James, ultimately committed to USC this past weekend, a subsection of Ohio State fans rejoiced. They rejoiced on the same platform they probably use to write hateful and obscene things about LeBron, and that platform is called the internet.

Here are a few screenshots of the OSU message boards after Bronny James’ decision.

The “LeBron is a bad person” gets us. We’d have to imagine that LeBron haters and flat-earthers are of the same breed.

Ohio State message boards spammed with LeBron hate after Bronny James commits to USC

Two things are of note: one, the message boards don’t represent the OSU fanbase in its entirety. Bronny James narrowed down his future schools to the Buckeyes, Oregon Ducks, and USC Trojans, and many OSU fans — the more rational bunch — likely felt deflated after James chose USC.

The other thing is this isn’t a “LeBron is the G.O.A.T.” puff piece. We just don’t get the hate or the bitterness toward him. At all.

What has LeBron James done in Ohio other than spend over a decade on the Cleveland Cavaliers and win the city a ring? He settled down with his wife and three kids, started a foundation that helps underprivileged communities, and mostly does his talking on the court.

Bronny James, by the way, was the 19th-ranked prospect according to ESPN, and he hasn’t made the headlines for the wrong reasons or tried to exploit his fame. He seems like a good kid who also happens to be LeBron’s son.

That whole family is just trying to live their lives, and message board trolls hiding behind screen names are predicting Bronny James’ demise and flipping the bird to an all-time great. Give it a break, and read up on some facts for a change.

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