Kurt Warner claps back at Ryan Tannehill not wanting to mentor Malik Willis

Kurt Warner has a very different perspective on mentoring than Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who said it’s not his job to mentor Malik Willis.

Ryan Tannehill might not have expected to cause a storm on Tuesday but he did thanks to his comments on new Titans quarterback Malik Willis.

Tennessee selected Willis in the third round of the 2022 NFL Draft, late enough that he won’t be considered an immediate threat to Tannehill’s starting job but early enough to suggest competition between the two will be in play eventually.

The drama started when Tannehill told reporters that “it’s not [his] job” to mentor the rookie quarterback.

Right away, people called attention to that statement, including Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner.

Kurt Warner claps back at Ryan Tannehill not wanting to mentor Malik Willis

“I will never understand the ‘I’m not here to mentor the next guy’ mentality… so for all you young QBs that need a mentor, DM me & Ill be that guy, happy to help in any way I can!” Warner tweeted.

He then spent a while interacting with people who responded to his tweet.

“I spent timing coaching players and coaches, I spent time inviting and talking ppl through what helped me to be successful bc maybe it would help them the same way… I spent time helping my team, wherever I thought it could be helpful… but that’s just me!” Warner said.

He addressed those who said Tannehill shouldn’t have to train up his replacement.

“It’s selfish to simply look at it as someone taking your job… look at it as that person helps make US better!! I want my team to be the best & if we are best with another guy, then I have to accept & still help us be great – that’s what competition is all about!” he said.

He also made it clear he’s not trying to cast shade on Tannehill specifically.

“Nope Ryan is a GREAT dude… I just wish more guys would embrace mentoring & simply “WANT” to help others be great, whether it’s their “job” or not!” he said.

He even faced off with someone who made a bagging groceries joke.

“Yep – even there, I’d be down to helping every grocery stocker/bagger be their best!!” he said.

Some may side with Tannehill. Others will nod along with Warner. It would be most interesting to hear which side Titans’ management sits on.

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